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"... it is usually the smoke that kills people, not the fire."

Approved Document B (2006) acknowledges the importance of good smoke ventilation practice:

"the primary danger associated with fire in its early stages is not flame but the smoke and noxious gases produced by the fire. They cause most of the casualties and may also obscure the way to escape routes and exits. Measures designed to provide safe means of escape must therefore provide appropriate arrangements to limit the rapid spread of smoke and fumes."

How we assist you with Smoke Ventilation systems

"Smoke Ventilation Company" offers "code compliant systems" as well as "engineered solution" smoke ventilation systems. Working alongside Architects and Consultants as well as M&E Contractors and Building Control Officers, we provide the best possible advanced smoke ventilation solutions to ensure the system "looks good", is "compliant", and offers "value for money".

We are a company dedicated to providing the best possible solution for all types of buildings. Recognising that we (our parents or children) could be in that building needing to make a quick and safe exit in the event of a fire ensures that the smoke ventilation system solution offered is the best available.

Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning

The "Smoke Ventilation Company" provides design assistance, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance UK wide. Our full life cycle service means that at any stage during the design, construction process and ongoing life of the building, the only company responsible is ourselves thus ensuring successful completion of your project.

Our smoke ventilation systems are specifically developed to:-

  • have near invisible smoke vents in non-fire mode
  • be reliable, increasing confidence in Engineered Solution designs
  • reduce ongoing maintenance costs of smoke vents and AOV components

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