Powered Smoke Ventilation

Smoke control of common escape routes by mechanical ventilation.

Where travel distances are exceeded (and natural ventilation not applicable) the use of fans is required to extract smoke from escape routes.

Mechanical ventilation to the stair and/or corridor/lobby may be provided to protect the stair(s) from the ingress of smoke and compromising the Means of Escape from the building. Guidance on the design of smoke control systems using pressure differentials is available in BS/EN12101-6:2005.

Because powered ventilation can be complex and has extensive back-up requirements, we strongly suggest that you contact us for assistance before progressing down this route.

Powered extract in old building being refurbished presents many issues when trying to comply with modern building standards; however it can be somewhat easier because of the size of ductwork, than a natural ventilation system. Points to watch out for are ductwork passing over escape routes, compartmentation of buildings being breached etc.

We undertake site surveys with a view to providing the best workable solution within budgetary constraints.

Smoke ventilation requirements for buildings can be simple or complex; the advice offered is intended as guidance only and should not be relied upon for Building Control application. If you require assistance in the design and specification for a smoke control system please don't hesitate to contact us to arrange an informal discussion.