Services to M&E Contractors

With more projects being let as "design and build" the smoke ventilation package can be left wanting in details to allow a compliant system to be built. The first time anyone knows there's a problem is when Building Control start asking questions, to which there aren't any answers.

"The Smoke Ventilation Company Ltd" only designs and installs smoke ventilation systems, we don't supply air conditioning or other types of air handling, we specialise in smoke ventilation schemes.

This aspect allows us to provide from the start, irrespective of the amount of information available, a smoke vent scheme or SHEVs system that will be either code compliant or an engineered solution to meet the buildings smoke ventilation needs.

Contact us today for assistance with your smoke ventilation requirements.

Smoke ventilation requirements for buildings can be simple or complex; the advice offered via these web pages is intended as guidance only and should not be relied upon for any Building Control application. If you require assistance in the design and specification for a smoke control system please don't hesitate to contact us to arrange an informal discussion.